Clothing Care Tips

Sweat it out!
The sweatshirt garment is a good idea for a quick and easy cold weather protection. There are several patterns in each of the major pattern books that could be used for making a sweatshirt.
The style should be loose, with a cut-in-one, raglan or other unstructured sleeve style, no buttonholes, if possible, and not too many seams.
Some of the sweatshirt styles feature ribbing. You can use matching ribbing or you can use the garment fabric cut on the crosswise stretch. This makes a very nice finish and gives your garment a classier look.
The ribbing piece must be shorter than the piece to which it is stitched so that it will “recover,” drawing to a snug fit.
Hems on sweatshirt fabric can be a bit of a pain. If you use the blind-hemmer on your machine, the stitches can pull out since they catch in the fleecy back side of the fabric and do not have a good hold. On most styles for this type of fabric, you can use a top-stitched hem. It can be as narrow as 5/8 inch or as wide as 1 1/4 inch. The raw edge of the hem allowance can be finished to prevent curling.
Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet
It’s the perennial challenge all working women must face: organizing their ever-bulging wardrobe, and clearing the clutter from their closet. This task sounds so simple but it isn’t. And unless you’ve got the necessary patience, going through your chaotic wardrobe just to organize it requires nothing short of Herculean efforts. Here are easy ways to organize your closet:
1. Remove unwanted clothes. Get rid of everything you don’t need in order to get your closet in order. Also, remove all of the items that need repair work. If you leave them in the closet, you’ll forget to have them fixed. Find a charitable organization that could use the items you no longer need.
2. Count your clothes. Once you get rid of the excess from your closet, and then start counting your clothes. This way you’ll know how many rods and shelves you’ll really need to add to your closet.
3. Utilize your closet door. Use your closet door to hold robes, nightgowns and ties. You can use hooks on the inside of the door to hold these items – just make sure you don’t overstuff them.

Harley Davidson Sweatshirt – Stay Warm on the Road and Off

By wearing a Harley Davidson sweatshirt, you’ll never have to balance between looking good and staying warm.  Harley makes a wide line of quality motorcycle accessories and apparel.  While a sweatshirt isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of riding a motorcycle they can come in really handy.
I used to live in Southern California where I was completely spoiled by the weather. I remember it getting down to the 50’s sometimes and thinking I should bundle up!  Now I live in the Midwest and have felt the wrath of 20 mph wind with -4 degree temps!  I long for those “chilly” So Cal days now. 
At some point riding stops out here, because it’s just not practical or sane to drive when you can loose fingers.  Ice, snow and hail also throw a monkey wrench into your plans.  The prime riding time is mid spring through mid fall.  Anything beyond that and you’re in for some cold.
To combat the chilly weather on the edges of that time span I like to wear my Harley Davidson sweatshirt.  I wear mine under my leather jacket.  That way I still get the protection from the leather jacket and body armor but get some extra warmth from the sweatshirt.
A Harley Davidson sweatshirt will also serve you well at rallies.  You can wear it to combat the late night or early morning chill.  By making a good quality sweatshirt part of your riding gear you are sure to stay warm.  With a sweatshirt from Harley you can also show the world your love for your favorite bike manufacturer!

Basic Facts About Hat Apparel

Hats have always been a major part of all kinds of cultures and history has seen much change always when it comes to hat apparel. While these days people are more into such items like baseball caps, Seahawks apparel and sweatshirt hats that they can wear at the next Super Bowl game, there was a time when hats serve better purposes and were worn in a completely different fashion. This is why it is an interesting history to look over. When we go back in time, we see that initially hats were developed as a means of protection and safety against weather conditions and such, and later they were also used for religious reasons.
Even in the military hats have always been representations of ranks while normal people wore it to indicate their social status. But what are the main features of hat design that make up a hat? Well basically all hats have four design features including a crown, peak, brim and puggaree. The crown is the part that lies on top of the head and among the different kinds of crowns are open crown hats, tapered crown and center crease. The peak is the portion which is also known as the visor. This is the part which is stiff and provides protection from sun. The brim is the portion that is not present in baseball caps and covers the circumference of the entire hat with a stiff projection. The Puggaree is something like a hatband which is usually adjustable and used in designs like the military hats and pith helmet.
Hat making that began from London was introduced by the hat makers Locks of St James’s street and Sharp and Davis. In America the pioneer hat maker was John B. Stetson of the famous Stetson hats which are popular to this day. There are almost seventy different types of hats which are worn all over the world including the top hat, the Akubra, beret, baseball caps, bucket hat, custodian helmet, dunce cap, Gatsby, hardee hat, mortar board worn by graduates on their convocations, peaked caps and trucker hats. From protection to serving as a uniform, hat apparel has been a part of many religious cultures and modern fashion traditions. Even today it is one of the most noticeable item in one’s attire and the addition of a simple hat can change the beauty of an attire from zero to maximum in no time. They are simply one of the most fashionable accessories ever worn.
The Milliners were the first people to make hats popular and available to the people. The Millinery has been an integral part of British culture since the sixteenth century. These were actually haberdashers that were always travelling to Britain from other regions like Milan. These people were always selling off attire and apparel to the people in the British region and they became popular for introducing all the hat fashions as well to the British people. Millaners today are known only to make hats for women and that is what they are traditionally known for.

Sweatshirts For Parties

Parties are special occasions, and, when going to a party, you always want to feel and look good. One thing that is often overlooked when getting ready for a party, especially if it is not winter, is the need to take a sweatshirt with you.
This is especially important when it comes to children’s parties. Whether your child is a young girl, taking along her favorite pink sweatshirt, or a teenage boy, tying his favorite zip sweatshirt around his waist, you should never leave home without one.
Some things to consider when getting ready for your party may be:
1. Is it a formal party or a more casual party? Your sweatshirt should match the formality. For instance, you may want to think of wearing a custom made sweatshirt with a smart pair of jeans.
2. Would it be appropriate to wear a funny sweatshirt with your chosen outfit?
3. What is the weather going to be like? If it is cold, then perhaps a comfortable fleece sweatshirt would look good. If it is not that cold but you would like to take a sweatshirt along just in case you get a bit chilly, perhaps a short sleeve sweatshirt would be more suitable.
4. Perhaps you may want to liven up your outfit with a brightly colored pink sweatshirt that can add energy to the occasion.
Whatever type you choose, your sweatshirt should be comfortable and it should match your accessories and other clothing. You could, for example, wear a smart cable knit sweatshirt with a smart pair of leggings – then add other accessories to accentuate the style of your outfit.
I believe there is a sweatshirt you can wear to every party you get invited to. It doesn’t matter whether you want to look hip and cool in designer sweatshirts or sweet and warm in pink sweatshirts. Whatever the occasion, make sure you don’t forget to take yours with you.