Mexican Apparel – Baja Sweatshirt

One of the most famous pieces of Mexican apparel is the baja sweatshirt. You might think you have no idea what a baja sweatshirt is but once I explain it to you, you will realize you have seen them before.
Everyone has a different name for these hooded sweatshirts from drug rugs, hippie hoodies, Mexican hoodies, baja hoodies, Mexican ponchos, Mexican rug sweaters to Mexican blanket hoodie the list goes on forever. They are all talking about the same hooded pullover sweatshirt that has a big pouch in the front and has stripes of a few different colors. They look like they are made of hemp but they are usually a cotton and acrylic blend. They are very hard to find in any town but you can find them on the Internet quite easily.
Perhaps nobody has a greater love for these Mexican sweatshirts than the hippies and Bob Marley fans. They have a sense of the rebel and druggie type attitude. That is why so many know them as drug rugs. But just because you love the style and look of these hoodies doesn’t mean that you will be judged as someone that does drugs. If you like the style then you should get one. There are plenty of people that wear them that don’t do drugs and just like the way they look. Why pay tons of money for a sweater in the mall when you can get a baja hoodie for much cheaper and that way you know nobody else will have the same sweater as you.